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Respected members,

            LIS Links has been serving the Indian Library and Information Science community since February 26, 2008. After experiencing a rich response from its community members for the last several years, it launched the LIS Links Newsletter in the year 2015.

            LIS Links Newsletter, ISSN: 2454-3462, is a peer-reviewed open access e-journal (online only) published half yearly. All articles are peer-reviewed (however, not blind reviewed). The journal is indexed by Google Scholar. All the contents of the journal are released under CC-BY license and are made available over its website. The copy of the journal is also distributed electronically free of any cost to the Email inbox of 28,000+ LIS Links members.

            Those who are interested to publish and distribute their original research paper, editorial write-up to a large user base are requested to submit their manuscript for publication in the LIS Links Newsletter. Original and quality research papers based on any research or innovative and thought provoking and timely editorial write-up in the field of Library and Information Science can be submitted by the LIS academician, professional, research scholar and student community members throughout the year. Kindly send your article to the Editor / Publisher at Email: newsletter at lislinks dot com


1. Author’s Guidelines

a) Unique Article: Articles submitted to the newsletter should not have been published before in their current or substantially similar form, or be under consideration for publication with another journal/magazine.

b) Length of the Article: The total length of the paper should not normally exceed 5000 words (maximum of 10 pages in length) including charts, graphs, tables, annexures etc..

c) Basic Formatting: All pages should be without page number, header text and footer text. Kindly use MS Word A4 size paper, Times New Roman, 12 font size only. Within the paper all the author’s name, designation, mobile number, Email address and full official address should be mentioned.

d) Reference Style: Authors are kindly requested to follow APA citation style strictly.

e) Submission Deadline: The research article can be submitted anytime throughout the year.

f) Criteria for Paper Acceptance: All submissions will be peer-reviewed using criteria of originality, accuracy and quality of contribution in the field. The final decision for publication is made by the Editor.

g) Communication with the Author(s): Author(s) will be communicated about the status of their papers within 60 days of submission.

h) Time Lag for Publication: The article will be considered for publication within 60 days from the date of submission. Otherwise, the author(s) can submit it to any other publication even without taking permission from the editor of LIS Links Newsletter.

i) Funding: The journal hosting is currently funded by Dr. Badan Barman. It’s Editor, Members of the Editorial Board and Reviewer support the journal by devoting their time and energy.

l) Publisher: LIS Links Newsletter is published by Dr. Badan Barman on behalf of the LIS Links.


2. Flow of Article: The article at "LIS Links Newsletter” goes through the following steps

a) Submission of the Article: Kindly send your paper as a single MS Word document that includes text, tables and figures in appropriate places as Email attachment to [newsletter at lislinks dot com].

b) Similarity Check: The article received will be checked for similarity by using Urkund and Turnitin both within 10 days of submission of the article. Only those papers which are relevant to the journal  and similarly report below 10% will be reviewed. Paper with similarity report more than 10% will be summarily rejected without even going through the text by the reviewer.

c) Primary Review by the Reviewer: Primary review by the reviewer which will check the suitability of the paper for the LIS Links Newsletter and do the necessary modification in the article within the next 10 days.

d) Secondary Review by the Reviewer: A secondary review by a second reviewer within 30 days of submission of the article which will primarily look into the Reference style of the article.

e) Final Review by the Editor: The final decision on the article will be taken by the editor or the editorial board and they will also be responsible for making the grammatical correction in the article. The editor or the editorial board will have the autonomy to modify the article with or without the consent of the author(s).

f) Formatting: If the article is accepted, the necessary modification in regards to the formatting will be done by the publisher of the journal and the final version will be made available in the website.



3. Format of a Paper

Title of the Paper (Heading Style, Font: Times New Roman, Size=16, Face: Bold)


First Author Name (Font: Times New Roman, Size=12, Face: Bold)

Designation, Institutional Affiliation, Address (Font: Times New Roman, Size=12

Email and Mobile Number (Font: Times New Roman, Size=12


Co-Authors & their affiliations, address, Email and Mobile Number

(Please put * after the name of Corresponding Author even if he/she is the First Author)






Research Limitations:

Practical Implications:



Paper Type:


1. Introduction:

2. Literature Search:

3. Research Problems:

4. Aims and Objectives:

5. Hypothesis:

6. Findings: Methods, Results, Analysis, Discussion:


9. Conclusion and Recommendation:



Acknowledgement: If any


4. Copy of the Forwarding Email


The Editorial Board

LIS Links Newsletter

Email Subject: Submission of Manuscript for LIS Links Newsletter

Dear Editor,

            With reference to above, please find my submission of a paper for possible publications in LIS Links Newsletter.

            I have read the Author’s Guideline of the newsletter. I hereby declared that the content of this paper is prepared accordingly.

The paper sent for publication is original and it has been neither published elsewhere fully or partially nor submitted for publication fully or partially elsewhere simultaneously.

I/we also grant permission to LIS Links Newsletter for making necessary changes in the title and content of the paper, if required while being considered for publication.

            I/we acknowledge that it is a condition of acceptance by the LIS Links Newsletter to release the contents under CC BY (

            I also affirm that the authors have seen and agreed to the submitted version of the paper and their inclusion of name(s) as co-author(s).

Name of the First/Corresponding Author

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